Compare DLL Versions  v.

Compare DLL Versions is a software to compare the dll versions between two folders. This software compares the two directories for the dll version, size and the modified date.When you build the final version of the software.

Concurrent Versions Librarian  v.3.4.14b90

CVL (Concurrent Versions Librarian) is a version and configuration management tool for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server (Rhapsody), Windows and OPENSTEP.


Weather Widgets - 3 Versions of Icons  v.1

Features: Celsius and Fahrenheit; Upload extension XML, swf, php; folder "icon "; on the root.

Archive & Restore

Archive & Restore enables you to put away and save different versions of files and folders. Files are stored separately, either compressed or in their original format. The access will then be preserved by administrable archives with removable disk

Easy Calendar Maker Design Software  v.9.0

Calendar, Maker! , A, calendar, maker, software, to, create, professionalcalendars, , photo, , calendars, , personal, photo, calendars, inseconds! , Customized, versions, of, the, calendars, available, as, well!

Vista Previous Version File Recoverer  v.0.22

Starting with Windows Vista, users can recover previous versions of files by right clicking on them in Explorer and choosing "restore previous versions. This feature however is hidden in Vista Home Basic and Premium. This software fills that role.

My MSN Password Recovery  v.2.0.2012.2009

My MSN Password Recovery - the program to recover MSN Messenger passwords. The program supports all versions of the MSN Messenger.

Total Access Startup  v.14.00.0011

Total Access Startup always launches the correct version of Access with your database regardless of how many versions of Access are installed or what Windows considers the default for MDB or ADP files.

Null Logics The Bat! Password Recovery  v.

Null Logics TheBat! Password Recovery - the program to recover TheBat! email passwords. The program supports all versions of the TheBat! and will help you recover all types of passwords used in it. Null Logics TheBat! Password Recovery features: +

VBubbles  v.1.0

VBubbles offers user-friendly project versions management, visual tools for component changes overview and code history, compiled files log and code locking, development time tracking and other powerful productivity tools. It provides better comfort,

VB Builder  v.1 3

Pinpoint errors in your VB programs to the exact line where they occur. VB Builder is a VB 5/6 Add-In that creates line numbered versions of your VB program so that you can use the VB error line function (erl) in your error handling code. VB

DocMoto  v.2.0

DocMoto is a file server, that stores and manages your files, and allows other users to access and edit them, while maintaining a complete set of file revision, allowing you to recover previous versions of a file and undo changes or errors.

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